Unlike other telemedicine services, we are a nationwide medical practice made up of Board Certified Emergency Physicians.

That means you can call us anytime, without an appointment, for more than a sore throat or a rash. We can help you resolve acute illnesses and injuries, avoiding unnecessary and expensive trips to the ER or Urgent Care.

  • All Physicians Board Certified in Emergency Medicine
  • Available 24/7 - No Waiting | No appointments | No callbacks
  • Any time you believe you need medical attention
  • Annual Enrollment - No Monthly Fees | Pay On Demand
  • Easy-to-use one-touch app

Annual Enrollment Fee

Individual $29
Family $39

Member Consultation Fee

Individual & Family $74 On Demand
No Appointment Needed
Free Follow Up Calls
  1. Select ENROLL NOW from the buttons above and create an account. This will require you to fill out a brief medical history for each family member.
  2. Download the MedCallMD app and bookmark the online portal
  3. Anytime you believe you need medical attention, just push the connect button, and within a few minutes, you will be connected to a physician
  • Acute medical care for illnesses and injuries
  • Prescriptions when appropriate
  • In-home testing
    • - COVID-19 Testing
    • - STD Testing
    • - UTI testing
    • - STREP
    • - Sleep Test
  • Personal medical kits (medical kits are pre-filled prescriptions tailored to your needs)
    • - Basic kit w/ antibiotics & event medicines
    • - COPD Kit
    • - Pediatric Kit
    • - Diabetes kit
    • - Cardiac kit
    • - Travel kits for international travel
  • Referrals to in person care
  • Insurance Reimbursement forms
  • Electronic Medical Records portal
I’ve been subscribed to MedCall through my group plan for 3 years. My family of 5 makes 10-12 calls per year for injuries and illnesses. The call coordinators know us by name and physician are always patient and committed to seeking to resolve our issues. When we need prescriptions, they call them into our neighborhood pharmacy. When we travel, they are always available no matter where we are. Don’t want to ever be without it. - J. Breslin CEO
My company and I have been subscribed to MedCall for 3 years. My family has become dependent on the convenience of MedCall. They do not require appointments and there is no waiting. Whenever we call, within minutes we are talking with a doctor. Most importantly, they are committed to providing resolutions to our need. - C. McIntyre CEO Sales,
South Carolina
My company provides a tele-medicine service, but I subscribe to a MedCall plan. My family and I are regular users and appreciate the consistent and fast response and results - Patient CEO Rx Prescription Benefit Plan
Medcall has a very easy to use app with the ability to log on and off depending on our individual availability. The call coordinators remain on the call for charting and to answer any questions about flow and further referrals. The process is very streamlined and easy to use. I do some telemedicine calls with several different companies for several different purposes, and this process is by far the easiest and most efficient process of them all. Thanks! - Physician J. Stoeber, MD
Addressing medical concerns in real-time in a convenient format while interacting directly with the patient; providing practical and appropriate care and not having to worry about documentation, endless forms and paperwork; and knowing that you are saving patients, employers, and the healthcare system from unnecessary visits, time and expense…what’s not to love about doing this and why can’t this be the norm? - T. Hansen, MD MedCall Sr. Medical Director
Med call is a most convenient way to deliver Telehealth. It can be done anytime any place from your mobile phone or iPad. The record is done by excellent administrative staff, and you only have to sign. It is enjoyable outreach! - Physician A. Wofsy, MD